RI Airport To Spend $25 Million To Reduce Pollution From Deicer

Providence Journal Bulletin
December 22, 2011 By Barbara Polichetti

WARWICK, R.I. -- T.F. Green Airport will spend $25 million in the next three years to build a new runoff collection system that will reduce the amount of plane deicing pollutant that is discharged into Buckeye Brook and other nearby wetlands, according to an agreement reached this week with the state Department of Environmental Management.

A joint statement from DEM and the Rhode Island Airport Corporation says that the new system, which is to be completed by March 2015, will enable the airport to collect 60 percent of the glycol-based deicing solution it uses on planes as compared to its current collection rate of 35 to 45 percent.

DEM said it will soon schedule a public hearing on the new agreement.