Buckeye Brook Coalition -
A State of Rhode Island Designated Watershed Council

Researchers from URI exploring the brook in 2004

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    2015 Officers of the Association
    • Michael Zarum - President and Chairman 508-661-9766 and 401-742-5769
    • Paul Earnshaw - Vice President 401-739-6592
    • Douglas Wood - Treasurer 401-739-0053
    • Bill Aldrich- Secretary and Membership Chairman 401-785-1596
    • Carol Fritz - Webmaster

      Committees are designed to focus and manage activies of the Buckeye Brook Coalition. Each committee is chaired by a board member who reports committee progress to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in assisting on any of the committees, please contact us. Some of our committees are listed below.

      • Fundraising and Grant Writing Committee
        Generates fundraising activity ideas, solicits donations, and prepares and files grant applications.
        email:Paul Earnshaw
      • Special Projects Committee
        Organizes activities such as the annual fish count, annual Earth Day cleanup, water quality monitoring, and restoration projects.
        email:Paul Earnshaw
      • Education, Outreach and Events Committee
        Responsible for school and community educational programs and works with the webmaster on webpage development and content.
        email:Marcia Pena
      • Membership Committee
        Responsible for membership drives and the maintenance of the record of membership and contact information list of members.
        email: Bill Aldrich

    If you can't wait to talk with Bill, you can use your PayPal Account or Credit Card to join on line by clicking on the membership type of your choice below. PayPal will manage the transaction in a safe and encrypted session and Buckeye Brook Coalition will mail you our Welcome Package upon receipt.

    • Individual Membership $15.00
    • Family Membership $30.00
    • Group Membership $45.00

Buckeye Brook Coalition | PO Box 9025 | Warwick, RI 02889 | 401-739-6592
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