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Buckeye Brook at Warwick Lake



The Buckeye Brook Coalition, a state designated Watershed Council, was formed to focus attention on Buckeye Brook and its watershed, which are located in Warwick, Rhode Island. The brook plays a significant role in nature's life cycle. Buckeye Brook and Warwick Lake are the spawning grounds of the blue back herring and alewives. This brook is self-sustaining and unique, having no fish ladders or passage system to aid the herring in their migration between the sea and Warwick Lake at spawning time. It's salt marsh plays a vital role as a natural filtration system and vegitative buffer for Narragansett Bay. It is also spawning ground for shrimp and many other smaller bay inhabitants. Shorebirds feed off the fish, worms, crabs and clams in this rich habitat.

The major goal of the Buckeye Brook Coalition is to protect and preserve this natural treasure and the future of blue back herring and alewives who annually spawn in these waters. It supports activities that work to clean-up debris in the brook and surrounding areas and promote good water quality. It advocates for protection of the brook and it's wetlands from destruction and focuses attention on situations and policies that endanger it's well being.

The Buckeye Brook Coalition is supported by a group of individuals and organizations who promote the good health of Buckeye Brook. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

  • The City of Warwick
  • RI Rivers Council
  • Save The Bay
  • Conservation Law Foundation
  • Mill Cove Conservancy
  • Federated RI Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc.
  • Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association
  • Herring Alliance
November 22, 2016 - Update on Cyanobacteria Sampling and Fish Studies
Please read the October 22, 2016 update from Michael Zarum on the Cyanobacteria health advisories issued by the RI Department of Public Health in 2015 and the 2016 fish studies for our watershed. Update on Cyanobacteria Sampling and Fish Studies - Fall 2016

RIDEM AND RI Department of Public Health have issued a health advisory notice and are advising people to avoid contact with Warwick Pond in Warwick, RI due to a detected blue-green algae ( cyanobacteria) bloom in the pond. You can get more information on this advisory at Blue-Green Algae Bloom Found in Warwick Pond

Grab your paddles and get ready for a fantastic summer on the brook! We have two exciting Paddle Maps to help you explore the Buckeye Brook Paddle Trails - part of Rhode Island's Blueways Alliance. Learn more by reading our Activities page or by clicking here to see our Buckeye Brook - Lower Brook Paddle Map or Buckeye Brook - Brook to Bay Paddle Map.

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